Monday, 27 April 2009

Typhoid outbreak in Selangor

The Ministry of Health has on 20.3.2009 issued an alert for the lookout for cases of typhoid fever in Selangor. Apparently the outbreak started from Sg Chongkak (near Kajang / Cheras) some 3 weeks ago.

Sg Chongkak is a popular weekend getaway with city folks. There's a waterfall, streams, chalets, picnic spots.
On weekends there are hawker stalls.

Typhoid fever is transmitted by contaminated water and food, hence the spread of the infection is normally through food handlers. They can be healthy carriers of the typhoid germs without showing signs of the illness.

The outbreak apparently started about 3 weeks ago and has gathered momentum, after an incubation period of 3 weeks. My guess is that it started from one of the food handlers from the hawker stalls.

Those working in KL and Selangor please be very careful with what you consume outside. Make sure the stalls are clean and ensure that the food is thoroughly cooked. Do not take iced drinks because of the possible contaminated unboiled water.. Green salads, poultry eggs, fruits washed in contaminated water etc are also a source of contamination.

Of course the best thing is to avoid eating outside. Make your own sandwich to take to work. Bring your own boiled water. If you need to make hot drinks at the office, make sure the water is really boiled.

If you come down with high fever, headache, constipation followed by diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting be sure to see your physician quickly. The fever in typhoid fever is typically "dry"; unlike some other infections where you are drenched in sweats.

You can get perforation of your intestines as a complication of typhoid fever!

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