Friday, 20 February 2009

My Father , My Hero

Mom & Dad I love you so much
I, Dad & my brother

Dad, you are my hero
you guard me everyday of my life
you are always there for me
whenever i need to talk or need to be cheered up.
You thought me how to take care of my self and to be thankful for who i am
instead of who i want to be

You taught me how to make life fun in what ever we do
you take me past the hardest things in life so that i don't have to struggle,
I love you dad.

Everything about you makes me happy
each day of my life
I thank God that i belong to you and only you!

Thank you for everyday of my life
that you help me get through
if i didn't have you
my life would be miserable

Thank you for everything you taught me
but most of all
Thank you for inspiring me to live my life the very best
I can..

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