Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wadi Unung

Fatihah, d only 'kampung' girl/student chosen; to further her studies abroad (PERTH) by govt scholarship; couldn't adjust herself when she was away. Feeling depressed; missing her best friend; Azrin(whom she share most of her 'life' with) at a childhood toyhouse called 'Wadi Unung'! Her life begun wen she found 'a friend' who is also someone she fell 'in love' with... Fatihah fights for her LOVE with d help of her best friend & their strength's of FRIENDSHIP! But would she got thru it ALL?


  1. ada tertenguk gak citer ni...sekali....masa kenduri yg dia nak gi bljr oversea

  2. salam ibu hani..tgk la cerita ni best...suka tgk cara diaorg bersahabat walaupun fatihah tu jauh dia selalu ingat kan azreen tu...



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